Thursday, August 3, 2017

Liftmaster MyQ Review

If you know something about garage opening mechanisms then you are certainly aware of the fact that Lifmaster is one of the brands that is a leader in this particular field of expertise. This manufacturer specializes in the production of professional-grade products which exceed the expectations of the customers. This particular Liftmaster MyQ Review is intended to provide you with all the information that you could possibly need on one of their greatest products – the Liftmaster MyQ Package. Contrary to what most people might think, this is not an actual device opening mechanism but rather a way to improve your old Liftmaster. It would enable you to update your current device in order to enjoy all of the most recent features.

This brings a lot of convenience as you won’t have to uninstall the old mechanism and put on a new one. The Liftmaster MyQ Package is going to allow you to upgrade your Liftmaster device which is manufactured after 1998 and enable you to enjoy the modern benefits. It comes with a variety of different perks, so let’s take a look at some of them.


This is something especially important and it covers the wide range of devices that could be upgraded with the Liftmaster MyQ Package. What this unit would do is it would allow your older garage door opener (for example: MIGHTY MULE MM260 )to enjoy the benefits of the MyQ System. This means that you could easily download and install an application on your smartphone and control the opener with it. You could easily replace the remote control with your phone which is not only versatile but also quite useful.

At the same time, it is incredibly easy to program the remote controls from the control panel directly. All you need to do is to download the application from an app selling store based on the operation system of your phone

High Performance

The package is equipped with an 888LM control panel as well as the incredibly convenient 828LM internet gateway. These features are going to allow you to easily open and close your door as well as to control the lights that are placed on the garage door opener from the insight of the garage. On top of that, the package would also allow you to perfectly control when you want the door opener lights to go out. You can set the adjustable timer in a way that would make the lights to go off after a certain period of time once the door is opened or closed.

Incredibly Security and Safety

When it comes to the security that the MyQ package brings it is worth noting the motion detectors. They are wired in a 150 degrees sensing angle which would make the garage door opener lights to turn on the moment movement is detected. This is incredibly convenient because it would definitely prevent potential burglars from entering. At the same time the unit equipped with a very useful timer that is going to close the door after a previously determined period of time. For instance, you can set the device to shut the door after one, five or ten minutes. This means that you should never worry about forgetting to close the door again.

On top of all that, the device is going to block all of the other remote control signals while you are away. It operates on a specific frequency paired with the remote control which would ensure high and reliable performance.

The Liftmaster MyQ Package is definitely one of the best ways for you to go if you are craving a quick update for your garage opening system. There isn’t going to be a need to uninstall the current garage opener. You would only change the control panel and adjust the device accordingly. This is incredibly convenient and it is also going to save you some money. However, there are also some setbacks that are worth mentioning if we are to provide you with correct information. This is why we have compiled this list of pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Liftmaster MyQ Garage Door Opener

The device is incredibly easy and quick to install. You are going to be able to enjoy the benefits of the modern MyQ technology in a matter of hours after you have purchased it.
It is definitely going to spare you a considerable amount of money because after all, you are only purchasing a control panel as opposed to buying the whole garage opener.
It is compatible with devices manufactured since 1998 which presents you with a wide range of different products that you could use it for.
Even though the manufacturer claims that you can use it on all of the devices which have been produced ever since 1998, the actuality is rather different. It won’t work with units that already have MyQ systems on them and with some other units reportedly.
The troubleshooting instructions that are presented by the manufacturer could be clearer in order to present the customers with actual and easy fixes of their issues.

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